Tom Ehrlich

Tom Ehrlich

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Tom Ehrlich has been interested in Afro-Caribbean music since when he was a teenage he stumbled upon a Latin music radio station in New York City run by Symphony Sid in the 1960's. He found the Latin music station right after he was listening to a rhythm and blues show . His interest in Afro-Caribbean music and jazz continued to develop and transformed into a passion. Now most of his waking hours are devoted to listening to the music he loves, both at live concerts and on his recordings.

Tom has also been a serious photographer on and off for years. Approximately four years ago he took photos of some of his favorite musicians at the San Jose Jazz Festival, San Jose California. His photos included Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band. Inspired by that experience, Tom has been photographing jazz and Afro-Caribbean musicians while they perform ever since. He now has hundreds of photos of his favorite musicians. Tom has recently traveled to Cuba where he photographed street scenes and performing musicians at the Jazz Plaza in Havana (a jazz festival that takes place every other year in Havana).

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