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Galería fotográfica de Tony Mendozar sobre el tema cubano.

Tony Mendoza is an associate professor in the Department of Art's Photography program. He has received three NEA photography Fellowships, a Guggenheim Photography Fellowship, and five Ohio Arts Council Fellowships in three separate disciplines; photography, creative writing, and video. His books include CUBA: GOING BACK, a picture and text account of his first trip back to Cuba after 36 years of exile, STORIES, an autobiography using pictures and short stories, and ERNIE, a book about Ernie, a cat. His documentary videos, CUBA: GOING BACK and MY FATHER'S LUNCH, have been shown at the New York Video Festival in Lincoln Center. Professor Mendoza's focus on documentation features an emphasis on storytelling and a personal approach to subject matter.

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Galería fotográfica de Tom Ehrlich sobre el tema cubano.

Tom Ehrlich has been interested in Afro-Caribbean music since when he was a teenage he stumbled upon a Latin music radio station in New York City run by Symphony Sid in the 1960's. He found the Latin music station right after he was listening to a rhythm and blues show . His interest in Afro-Caribbean music and jazz continued to develop and transformed into a passion. Now most of his waking hours are devoted to listening to the music he loves, both at live concerts and on his recordings.

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