Mario Cipollini

Mario Cipollini

Galería fotográfica de Mario Cipollini sobre el tema cubano.

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Mario Cipollini is 40, he was born in Rome but lives in Trieste.

He took his first pictures at the age of 10, in Pompei, with a Kodak Instamatic. He knew from the start that he liked it a lot, but it took him a quarter of a century to decide to undertake it as a profession. Meanwhile he worked as a naval engineer, as a teacher, as a dive master and a publisher. At present he works as a photographer, mainly for publishing houses. He has worked with Laura Ronchi/Tony Stone agency and various magazines (GQ, Playboy, Next, Outdoor, Itinerari e Luoghi, Management, Le Ali etc.). Now he collaborates with the Dutch agency TCS/the Cover Story. In 2000 he has been awarded in the Nikon International Photo Contest . He prefers black and white pictures, medium format, but also uses colour films and leica format. He organizes courses and workshops about reportage, portrait and nude photography. Examples of his portrait and nude works can also be found at the URL

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