Kaoru Yamano

Kaoru Yamano

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Got the several professor prize. I found my feet because they valued at my own sensitivity. I have always on creating. I hope Kaoru Yamano get to see more of you.

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1972 It is born in Japan.
1993 Present at the event of youth massage. NHK Japan
Graduated from Matsuyama Design School
1996 Private Exhibtion "ILLUSION CITY" Live Art (Matsuyama-JAPAN)
URBANART#5 Excellence Prize/South Area Prize
Private Exhibtion "Wanders time" H GALLEY (Matsuyama-JAPAN)
1997 Private Exhibtion "The angel of" HARAJYUKU GALLERY(Tokyo-JAPAN)
Japan Visual Art Exhibtion'97 Special Prize Winners
1998 An Exhibition PHILIP MORRIS Art AWARD 1998 Final Selection
Japan Visual Art Exhibtion'98 Prize Winners
2000 Tomato Millennium Competition Prize Winners

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