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Galería fotográfica de Kohei Arai sobre el tema cubano.

As a student of social science in the United States, Cuba always fascinated me: the revolution that still survives today, the culture that produced numerous world class music and films, and the society that profundally different from its neighbor, 90 miles away. My dream came true in the winter of 2001, when I visited Havana and Santiago de Cuba as a Spanish language school student. My stay was filled with adventures and meetings with friendly people, which resulted in those photographs. You can read more about my trip in my personal page.

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Galería fotográfica de Kike sobre el tema cubano.

Estas fotos son parte mías y parte de mis amigos de acá, donde vivo ahora.

De mis datos por el momento puedes poner que soy solo Kike, oficial de la marina mercante, cubano hasta el tuétano, de madre exiliada política, acérrima enemiga del sistema cubano y padre comunista fiel a Castro y todo lo que representa, a los dos los quiero y los entiendo. Soy un trotamundos, no soy fanático de nada y tolerante de muchas cosas, mi sueno: que acabe la discordia entre los cubanos.

Noviembre de 2004

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Galería fotográfica de Kenneth McGough sobre el tema cubano.

Acclaimed fine art photographer, Kenneth McGough, moved to San Francisco in 1974 after studying film and journalism at the University of Tennessee.

In 1975, McGough started wandering the globe photographing thousands of images. He lived in Berlin, Paris, Spain and Morocco and spent a year photographing the Sahara Desert.

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Galería fotográfica de Kelly Irving sobre el tema cubano.

I grew up during the Cold War; I remember the Cuban Missle Crisis and over the years heard various opinions about Cuba. We needed to see Cuba for ourselves, before either the American embargo lifted or Fidel Castro passed on the reins of power.

Forget pre-conceptions. Even after spending a month wandering around, meeting people and seeing Cuba, many ambiguities remain. Just when we thought we were beginning to understand something we'd see another view, hear another opinion. Endlessly fascinating, beautiful and friendly - Cuba continues to confound all expectations.

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Galería fotográfica de Kaoru Yamano sobre el tema cubano.

Got the several professor prize. I found my feet because they valued at my own sensitivity. I have always on creating. I hope Kaoru Yamano get to see more of you.

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