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Galería fotográfica de Jordi Gaya sobre el tema cubano.

Jordi Gaya, 30 años. Geógrafo y fotógrafo. Tarragona, Catalunya.

En octubre de 2001 recorrí Cuba entrando por Santiago de Cuba y saliendo por La Habana. De todos los viajes que he realizado, este me ha cautivado de manera especial. La unión del paisaje y el carácter de sus habitantes hace de este lugar un sitio ideal para perderse una temporada o quizás más y compartir con su gente su forma tan peculiar de afrontar el día a día.

Jordi Gaya - 2001

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Galería fotográfica de Jim Wake sobre el tema cubano.

Two weeks in Cuba .

I wanted to see Cuba before it changed, and so did Pat. The fact that it was also possessed of splendid weather, beaches renowned for their powdery white sand, all that great music, a culture infused with an aura of sexiness, and a rich colonial past -- these were also considerations. But for both of us, it was very much a question of seizing a moment that we knew would soon be gone.

So we went, and we were not disappointed. Two weeks, to be sure, is not enough time to see a whole lot, to come to much of an understanding of one of the world's most endearing anachronisms, or to build true and genuine trust and friendship. But it's enough time to be charmed and mystified, to marvel at how they make do with what they have, and to wonder about how it all went wrong.

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