George Stojkovic

George Stojkovic

Galería fotográfica de George Stojkovic sobre el tema cubano.

Hace muchos años ya que George Stojkovic nos mandó las fotografías de un país que le había impactado,... Cuba

Just a few words...

First of all, I want to thank you for all the positive response I'm getting regarding "Cuba: The One & Lonely".For me, it isn't just about pictures of Cuba. Creation of this website was a personal thing, something I've just had to do in order to relieve all that emotional charge and pressure I felt after returning from Cuba.


By now, I've realized that I've got many soulmates out there: as of June 2007, more that 23,000 unique visitors have seen the website!

So, what are the next steps? Well, in addition to some new material, I intend to expand the website with some new features, e.g. hi-res pictures for screensavers, etc.

Check the website regularly for the updates and new pictures of Cuba. Hasta la vista!

Check also my Puerto Rico photo gallery.


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