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Galería fotográfica de E. Wright Ledbetter sobre el tema cubano.

The Cuban people face many questions about their future at the start of the twenty-first century: Will Cuban socialism endure in the new century? Can the Cuban people continue to endure it? What are its successes? Failures? What will happen to Cuba and the Cuban people after Fidel Castro? The photographs of Cuba: Picturing Change explore Cuba’s greatest strength—her people.

As the eyes of the world increasingly turn to the small but resilient Caribbean island and its political leader who has outlasted at least ten U.S. administrations since 1959, so, too, do the Cuban people look on and wait for the inevitable change in leadership.

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Galería fotográfica de Ehab Samy sobre el tema cubano.

I have been taking photos since 1992, it started with a course during my final year at university then turned into a great pastime and passion, I am always trying to explore new techniques and ways to make my photos special. The first camera I took photos with is a Russian made Zenit-E, great camera, very robust and functional. Some of the photos on this website were taken with the Zenit.

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