Enrico Gallingani

Enrico Gallingani

Galería fotográfica de Enrico Gallingani sobre el tema cubano.

Enrico Gallingani was born in Bologna on 2nd October 1973.

He began to photograph at twelve and he was still a little boy when he took part to his first photography course.

His studies in History of Art , Psychology of Image and Photography at the University of Bologna will have great importance for the development of his personal style.

In 1992 following the suggestion of his uncle, who was a photographer too, he takes as a photographic subject the Kenzo Tange modern architecture at the Bologna Fiera District.

He will go on with this studies for two years to discover his final choice of an abstract style which is basically centred on bidimensionality and synthesis.

Human figure has been temporarily banned from this photographic universe which is only concerned with the pure forms of modern architecture.

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In 1999 after having taken a degree in History of Art, it takes place a second stylistic turn. During his extraeuropean journeys, as a photographer he discovers the human figure and he relates it with a symbolic universe and the signs of the contemporary society.

Therefore he creates its very personal when reportage which deals with the struggle between traditions and western society symbols that takes place in many far away countries.

In 2002 he creates EnerMedia Agency to promote and sell his work.

Enrico Gallingani lives in Bologna, when he doesn't take new pictures around the world.

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