Ehab Samy

Ehab Samy

Galería fotográfica de Ehab Samy sobre el tema cubano.

I have been taking photos since 1992, it started with a course during my final year at university then turned into a great pastime and passion, I am always trying to explore new techniques and ways to make my photos special. The first camera I took photos with is a Russian made Zenit-E, great camera, very robust and functional. Some of the photos on this website were taken with the Zenit.

Since then, I have used a Canon EOS 100, Sony DSC-F707, Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Canon EOS XTi, and the current camera is a Canon EOS 60D.

My camera bag has a stock lens, a 300mm zoom, and a polarizing filter. I don’t believe that photography requires much more than that. I believe that when I capture a moment, it has to be captured realistically, and not by adding a whole bunch of filters or effects to it.

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Some of the photos on this site were scanned in and then resized for performance others are digital and have been resized for performance too.

I have always appreciated landscape and architecture and enjoy capturing these serene well designed subjects. I also enjoy taking photos of people, although have found that with the right person in the right mood, great results can be achieved.

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