Dory Johnson

Dory Johnson

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Growing up on a farm in New Jersey, I often watched the shadows from the firelight play on the farmhouse walls. At an early age, I learned to appreciate the beauty of a moment.

The quintessential expression on a friend's face. Light dancing through the trees. A mother looking at her child, or people exploring their dramatic sides.

Through my photography, I aim to capture these moments -- as well as create them.

My true passion for photography drives me to better my craft on an ongoing basis. I am dedicated to continuing education in an effort to constantly impart the latest of technology, techniques and trends to your projects, while maintaining respect for the integrity of photographic craftsmanship.

My goal is to produce a unique and distinctive portrait for each of my clients. Sometimes a client comes to me knowing specifically what they want, and I work with them to make it happen. Other times, the client gives me complete creative freedom to create the image. Either way, I work hard to ensure my clients' satisfaction.

When I'm not busy running Olac Photography, I work as a freelance photojournalist and I teach photography. I also love to travel and spend time with my dog Timber.


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