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Leaving college I studied electronics in The Royal Navy. Oddly enough, given my career path, on a ship with pennant number F45 - an aperture rarely used in this digital age. After spending a wonderful time travelling around The Caribbean, Central America and The Mediterranean taking pictures along the way, I put my knowledge of electronics, guided missile and gunnery systems to good use by getting into the advertising industry. My first job was at Collett Dickenson Pearce followed by a couple of years at French Gold Abbott. My love of photography took over and I decided being the other side of lens was where my future career lay.

So, keeping my Amex card, taking both a deep breath and a large pay cut, I set off on a new career path. I was lucky enough to learn my craft assisting two great photographers ~ James Cotier and the late Terence Donovan, before setting up my first studio just off Oxford Street in the heart of London's West End.

Over the years I’ve been even luckier, working with some incredibly talented art directors all over the world. I’ve been slung under helicopters. Been accosted in the middle of a shoot by someone straight out of The Sopranos on 133rd Street. Been frog-marched out of Fiumicino airport by armed guards with 15 models, full crew and 20 trolleys full of cameras and lighting equipment in tow. All thanks to the airline client not getting the correct permissions.

Swap all this for a job behind a desk? Not me!

Although I learnt my craft in traditional film and darkroom printing techniques, I've fully embraced the digital revolution owning and using the latest high-end technology. That said, I still love getting the film cameras out and will use whichever medium guarantees the best results for the job in hand.

With the massive growth of interactive media, the web, apps and virals, I am very pleased to be able to now offer, with some rather special and unobtrusive kit ~ full HDVideo support to back up and compliment my photography. Ideal for those Electronic Press Kits and 'behind the scenes/making of' movies. Just perfect for a YouTube upload or a big screen presentation at the Odeon Leicester Square.

I have a global network of hand-picked producers and specialist talent at my disposal ~ including a full underwater team.

Outside of photography, my other interests include diving, marine conservation, sailing and rugby.

Awards include:- Campaign Press & Poster (Silver): D&AD: Cannes Lions: New York One Show: The Association of Photographers: The London International Advertising Awards: ISP Awards ~ 2x Gold and Campaign of the Year: MCCA Awards: Marketing Week Awards:

Clients include:- Amex: BAA: British Gas: BT: Buell: Diageo: Digital UK TV: Fiat: Harley Davidson: Honda: HSBC: Kia Motor Corporation: KPMG: Olympus: Orange: McDonald's: Motorola: Norwich Union: Rolls Royce Aero: The AA: The Home Office: Vauxhall and VW.

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