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Galería fotográfica de Dory Johnson sobre el tema cubano.

Growing up on a farm in New Jersey, I often watched the shadows from the firelight play on the farmhouse walls. At an early age, I learned to appreciate the beauty of a moment.

The quintessential expression on a friend's face. Light dancing through the trees. A mother looking at her child, or people exploring their dramatic sides.

Through my photography, I aim to capture these moments -- as well as create them.

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Galería fotográfica de Domingo Soto sobre el tema cubano.

Born April 21, 1946, in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Domingo Soto was admitted to the Alabama bar in 1986 and the Texas bar in 1987 (presently on inactive status). He is admitted and qualified to practice in the U.S. District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Alabama, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. and Alabama Supreme Courts. Until very recently he had been the area’s only private practice Spanish-speaking attorney (there are now two others). He practices primarily criminal defense law.

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