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Brigitte Carnochan

In February 2000 I spent a week in Old Havana under the auspices of the Maine Photographic Workshops and in the company of William Albert Allard, our energetic and gifted photographic leader. As we roamed the streets there was music coming out of every window and door (and from the radios of the old American cars, working or not), there were bands practicing in the daytime, bands entertaining groups of senior citizens, bands playing in the hotels, bands playing until dawn in the clubs--there was music everywhere--and people dancing in the streets, women in tight spandex doing their errands swinging their hips to it. It was contagious and I found it hard sometimes to choose photographing over dancing--so I didn't. When I think of my week in Havana, I remember the rhythm that underlies life there

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Berna Calcerrada y Chus Gonzalez

Tenemos un Bar en Alcobendas (Madrid) donde se realizan exposiciones de fotografía, se llama El Charco y está en: Pio Baroja nº 8 ALCOBENDAS, MADRID
Todas las fotos están a la venta al precio de 60 euros cada una, destinándose íntegramente todos los beneficios para ayuda al pueblo Cubano, las copias se realizan en papel Baritado de 30X40 cms."
Autores: Berna Calcerrada y Chus Gonzalez
Dirección: C/ Pio Baroja, 8- 28100 Alcobendas- Madrid
tel.: 916.51.51.07

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