Alfred Degens

Alfred Degens

Born in Amsterdam 1959.
Artistic Statement:
I am particularly attracted to the idea of creating worlds which do not exist. What draws me into Pop-Art, is the strength of commonly well-known pictures, which get a new meaning when they are enlarged, isolated or combined with the freedom to bring graphic and naturalistic elements together. The canvasses are realistic, layered works, which show human failing with necessary humor. They are meetings between history and present, from religion to science fiction and every other delusions of the day, in an attempt to overcome our mortality. To increase the readability of my work, I make use of pictures which everyone knows to create a logically composed new picture. As a result, this strong association with Pop Art combined with elements of the Classics, and with the more traditional painting methods, are frequently seen in my paintings. The paintings are consciously stuck in their two dimensionality, the flatness of the existence raised to philosophy.

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